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The Food Critic Murders

The stagnant, once vibrant town of Tarmac holds many secrets.
Howard Burns has the perfect life working as a food critic and eating at fabulous restaurants until a divorce turns his world upside down and a close friend betrays his trust in the courtroom. A partly moldy paper found in his attic brings him to realize that things are not quite as they seemed in the Burns family. An accident leaves Howard with some startling questions about his parents, and he sets off to find the answers. A series of murders stalk him as he makes his way around town to uncover the truth.


The murder of a professor - will it lead toward a community's ruin?


Sagebrush Ramblings
Collection of 21 western short stories
First published in CHAT! of the Times-News


On The Edge of Eternity
A love story of two vampires and their travels through gothic time


Science Fiction
A dogmatic society twists the value of Pi into their Pye

Reason and faith - What does it all mean?


Tales of another time



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